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Bill Jukes is one of the many pirates aboard the Jolly Roger.&nbsp


"Bill Jukes, every inch of him tattooed!"

- John Darling.

Bill Jukes is, atypically, described as above. His body is covered in tattoos, he has very awesome spider web-like tattoos just below his eyes.

He is seen in Peter Pan (2003) and is played by New Zealand actor Jacob Tomuri. Notable scenes he appears in;

  • the "I do believe in fairies" scene, he is seen chanting "I do, I do" whilst hitting his head against the ground. There is a large close up shot of this in the film.
  • When Wendy is telling the story of Peter Pan on the Jolly Roger, when the other pirate kisses Michael's teddy, Bill Jukes is seen next to him, smiling and looking quite goofy. He then turns and gives the other pirate an odd look.
  • He moves the plank on the ship.
  • He yells and throws his hat in the air after Hook's moment silence after the "death"of Peter Pan.
  • At the Black Castle, when the boat comes in with the large gramaphone, he is seen moving his hands to the music.